The Villa Estheria
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Unique architectural vacation villa in St. Anne, Guadeloupe, half way between Gosier and St. François, along the Grande-Terre riviera.

Imagine an architectural vacation villa built in 2010, located in a mineral garden on Fonds-Thézan heights, at St. Anne village.

Its private and high standing location, at the gate on this seaside spot, is renowned for its turquoise waters.

This 7 luxuous villa site, is equipped with safe and secured entrance (electric gate) which brings you to your villa by a way bordered by trees.

Thanks to its location, Villa Estheria makes you enjoy of a wide angle private view on the surroundings islands : Desirade, Marie Galante, Dominica, Les Saintes …

The orientation of the villa allows you to be the spectator of both the sunrise and the sunset.

Private access to the beach with its sea water natural pool.