Authentic Guadeloupe at Basse-Terre
Discover Basse-Terre with its tropical forests and its wild rivers with changing colors.

Departure for Goyave, first stop at "le saut de bras de fort" cascade.

We will walk  across the river to reach this 100 foot high waterfall to relax at the bottom of the falls in a kind of natural jacuzzi.

Then direction to the famous "Cabret Falls", impressive 360 foot high fall, in the heart of the tropical forest, in the middle of tree ferns and a huge vegetation.

Picnic stop, then continuaition to the "Dolé's bassins", natural spring water on "Gourbeyre" territory, with a view on "The Saintes" archipelago.

Stop for visiting "La Grivelière" coffee factory, an old creole house overlooking "Grande Rivière" in a beautiful valley. Guided tour with a coffee's history and knowledge specialist. Tasting time to discover the various aromas. Local shop for purchase.

Bathing at Malendure, world famous for scuba diving (Cousteau reserve). Sunset along this unexpected volcanic black sand beach.


Fares list :

Day price for your local tour guide (René) : 150 €
This is a package price regardless the number of visitors. René will drive the vehicule as regard the program. This price doesn't include the lunch.

Renting fares  (gas included) :
4 seats car -  A category - : 50 € /day
8 seats car - Superior category - : 120 € / day
5 seats car  - 4x4 wheels - : 120 € / day