Guadeloupe by the sea
Discover some beautiful islets of Guadeloupe by the sea.

The small island of Gosier : 1 day

It's a day free program. A kind of mix of leisure, discovery, marvel time. We will stop the boat in the lagoon. Sihgtseeing to the islet and the lighthouse, discovery of the local wild life and flora. Opportunity of snorkelling (equipment furnished) in the laggon and the coral reef among tortles and multicolour tropical fishes.

Grand Cul-de-sac Marin islets : 1 day

"Grand Cul-de-sac Marin" is one of the most beautiful natural  sea park of the West Indies, mentionned by UNESCO as a "biosphere reserve" and then worlwide reknowned. This natural area is protected by a huge coral reef which cristalline waters lagoon are sprinkled of numerous heavenly islets among the best preserved in the Small  West Indies.

Mangrove swamp can be seen according to the tides and houses a luxuriant vegetation as well as a rich and particular fauna. This creates a unique spot in whole the Carribean sea.

Our sightseeing  will start by crossing the salt river in the middle of the mangrove with its particular fauna. Then, we will be at the entrance of Grand Cul-de-sac Marin natural sea park. A lunch will be served on "Biche islet", in a fisherman hut, in sea water !

After lunch we will return to the boat to reach the mythical Guadeloupe's "Caret islet"  for bathing an relaxing along the coconut trees and the beach.

Our boat  will stop behind Fajou Islet in the middle of turquoise lagoon for diving with flipper, snorkle and mask to meet sea stars and shells (depending on the moon).

Day price for your local tour guide (René) : 150 €
This is a package price regardless the number of visitors. René is in charge of the organisation all day long as well as for ground transportation to the Marina.

Renting fares for speed boat :
5 seats speed boat First Category : 500 € / day
10 seats Speed boat First Category : 700 € / day

This price includes speed boat  driver sevices, lunch (drinks included) at La Biche Islet or Gosier Islet. Others package tours are available in advance on demand. Eg : Petite Terre, Marie Galante, Antigua as well as sailing sightseeings or deep sea fishing.